MosaicGISALPHARETTA, GA – November 17, 2016 — InterDev, an Atlanta-area provider of information technology, security and geographic information (GIS) services, today announced the official launch of its new software-as-a-service GIS platform, MosaicGIS™. Developed using the recommendations of Esri®, the leading supplier of GIS software, MosaicGIS is powered by Esri’s award-winning ArcGIS software platform.

“GIS has become indispensable for everything from land use planning and commercial project design to crime mapping,” said InterDev CEO Gary Nichols. “Despite this fact, many organizations, from municipalities and small government agencies to midsized businesses, struggle to deploy GIS services for their operations. InterDev developed MosaicGIS specifically to help overcome this challenge.”

Running in a secure, hosted cloud environment, MosaicGIS is an enterprise-grade GIS solution that public and private sector organizations license for a flat monthly fee. It includes all the tools needed to leverage the proven value of geographic data organization, reporting and visualization/mapping, with InterDev’s GIS experts available to perform additional services and customizations, if desired.

With MosaicGIS, not only do customers avoid the complexity and expense of building and maintaining an in-house GIS environment; they also reap considerable savings over the cost of purchasing and maintaining their own Esri Enterprise Server license. As an added benefit, MosaicGIS customers can expense their monthly licensing fees as an operating expense rather than depreciating it as a capital expense.

Key features of MosaicGIS include:

Redundant Hosting on Azure
MosaicGIS is hosted (and backed up daily) on Microsoft’s geo-redundant Azure cloud platform.

Agile and Powerful
Each GIS environment runs across multiple, redundant, role-specific servers.

Stringent Firewall Security
To ensure data security and protection, all connections are routed through InterDev’s data center, which is secured by redundant, ATP (advanced threat protection) firewalls.

Web Analytics Included
Extensive user and system metrics, including map views, visit and load time, shares and more, give management insight into activities—and help them explore potential enhancements.

System Support Available
InterDev offers turnkey, expert management and technical support, including enhanced GIS services, if desired, saving licensees the complexity and risk of training and managing on-site staff.

“InterDev is already operating under agreements with numerous cities who are using MosaicGIS to dramatically accelerate the development of their GIS environments while minimizing complexity,” said Nichols. “So successful have these early efforts been that we knew this powerful, on-demand solution would be beneficial to organizations of all types and sizes.”

MosaicGIS is a licensed trademark of InterDev. Esri and the Esri Logo are licensed trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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