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New NASA Satellite Maps Show Global Air Quality Changing Over Time

This video shows how NASA uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to produce time aware maps of the global air quality.  Time aware maps can not only track air quality, but can also be used in other capacities as well, such as, trending crime patterns, tree canopy change, shifting population demographics, wildlife migration patterns, or even monitor events like the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Click the image or link below [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:23-05:00December 14, 2015|

Avoiding the Email Hacks that Catch the “Big Boys”

This year has seen more spectacular hacks, including the email hacks of CIA Director John Brennan as well as the voice mail hack of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. When high-profile individuals involved in national security become victims themselves, it makes everyone wonder, “Is anyone safe?” For organizations trying to protect their corporate assets and the sensitive information of their employees and customers, the answer is, “Yes, and No.” According to published reports, [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:23-05:00December 10, 2015|

Why Cyber-Extortion Is Now Everyone’s Problem

Cyber-extortion, where criminals gain control of company assets through the Internet, isn’t a new phenomenon. For more than a decade, perpetrators have been using ransomware – malware that restricts access to infected machines until the owners pay a ransom – to extort money from businesses. However, the practice of cyber-extortion has taken some grisly new turns, most recently in the data breach of British telecommunications firm TalkTalk. Hackers breached the TalkTalk website and stole millions [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:23-05:00November 19, 2015|

The High Price of Malware Containment

With tales of security breaches appearing in the news almost daily, and malware being implicated in many of them, security experts continue to emphasize the importance of malware containment. Unfortunately, statistics indicate it is nearly impossible for companies to contain malware through traditional methods, such as manual alert review and mitigation. A 2015 survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute verifies this conclusion. According to the report, “The Cost of Malware Containment,” the average organization whose [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:23-05:00October 29, 2015|

Tree Canopy Change Detection

Many local governments have long understood the importance of maintaining their tree canopies, but just over the past several years many cities in our country’s metro areas are creating standards to protect their trees using code of ordinances. Many of these codes require a detailed tree inventory as well as a quantitative method for monitoring tree canopies. InterDev can provide your city with a 2-pronged approach to tree management and compliance with your tree ordinance. 1. Tree [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:23-05:00October 26, 2015|

The Grim Reality of Current Cyber Attacks

On September 1, CNN Money announced that hackers had stolen more than 225,000 Apple accounts from iPhone customers, gaining access to sensitive, confidential information. The malware used for the theft, KeyRaider, is most commonly found in China but had spread to 18 countries, including the United States. Security firm Palo Alto Networks, who discovered the hack along with Chinese tech group WeipTech, referred to the attack as “the largest known Apple account theft caused by [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:23-05:00October 23, 2015|

Exploring the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce’s Restaurant Members with Story Maps

For years, Brookhaven, Georgia has been one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets for great food and entertainment. Recently, Brookhaven has seen a boom to its economy and is now quickly becoming known as a top neighborhood/restaurant destination. To help local businesses prosper, the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce was looking for a new and innovative way to help get their message out. With the help of InterDev’s GIS team, this Story Map was created to help [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:24-05:00August 27, 2015|

NBC Leaks Cyberattack Map that Should Concern Everyone

In late July, NBC News published a top-secret map from the National Security Agency (NSA) pinpointing more than 600 cyber assaults, allegedly conducted by the Chinese government, which targeted U.S. government agencies, critical infrastructures, corporations and private citizens. On the plus side, the map isn’t a depiction of last month’s activities, or even last year’s. Released in February 2014 for an agency briefing, the map is filled with red dots that identify attacks spanning a [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:24-05:00August 13, 2015|

Product Spotlight: Crowdsource Reporter and Crowdsource Manager

What is data without context? What is community engagement without social media integration? Crowdsource Reporter is a way for your organization or municipality to combine data regarding your local geography and important information about your community into one platform which integrates with both Facebook and Twitter! In other words, it is a configurable ArcGIS Online application that allows users to submit problems or observations about their community. The application has been optimized for smartphones but [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:24-05:00August 11, 2015|

A Firewall Is Only as Good as Its Design

Last month, I promised to spend some time on the features all businesses should seek when purchasing a firewall. These are the “must haves”—minimal criteria for protecting your company. It’s certainly possible to purchase even more feature-laden firewalls, but many business owners focus on cost ahead of security. That’s a dangerous approach, in our opinion, but there is a middle ground. With prudent evaluation and selection, it is possible to find an affordable firewall with [...]

2015-11-06T05:24:53-05:00July 28, 2015|