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IT Security is Everyone’s Job

In a recent talk that I gave to a group of accountants for various city governments I asked how many of the attendees were in IT security.  As you might expect, no one raised their hands, that’s the IT department’s job.  But are they the ONLY people responsible for IT security? Using LinkedIn as an example, I gave a simple demonstration on how a person that is targeting specific information can locate an employee and [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:36-05:00October 8, 2013|

Facing the New Security Challenge BYOA

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) craze and its rising security concerns has been the topic of every major security conference. The need for secure mobile computing has pressed many organizations to adjust policies and controls in order to keep pace with the devices that enter the network through the door. In the quest to accommodate BYOD, the Mobile Device Management market was created. BYOD has sparked many concerns: data loss, malware, application management. It's [...]

2016-12-21T05:37:36-05:00September 23, 2013|