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Public Safety

Public Safety is a core mission for municipalities, yet cash-strapped cities struggle to achieve desired levels of protection and crime reduction. InterDev helps cities deploy cutting-edge technologies for police and fire departments, increasing the quality and cost effectiveness of service delivery to the public. Some of the solutions we provide for cities include:

  • Centralize and restructure public safety video monitoring and management systems, including deployment of IronSky for citywide video surveillance and connection to the rest of the world.
  • Connect and integrate Traffic Management Centers with Police Departments and internal city networks to give multiple departments shared, real-time visibility and situational awareness across the city.
  • Integrate GIS for crime statistics mapping and to unify the efforts of departments such as public works and community development.
  • Enhance and expand IT platforms to support colocation solutions such as multi-city 911 response systems. These enable resource sharing and accelerated emergency response between cities and create redundant, failover data sites for disaster recovery and continuity.
  • Deploy and manage sophisticated in-car systems for police cruisers, such as Arbitrator and L-3, to achieve such capabilities as automated coordination with CAD (computer aided dispatch) and electronic license-plate recognition (LPR).
  • Evaluate, procure and implement advanced recordkeeping, tracking and information exchange platforms for public safety departments, including electronic systems that enable officers to obtain warrants from judges via web conference in a matter of minutes.

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