Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Why Managed IT Services?

When 69% of businesses spend more than $52,000 a minute on downtime in a given year, it’s obvious that they need a better solution. The costly, disruptive cycle of break-fix not only erodes productivity—it also leaves firms exposed to the downtime that kills profits and customer loyalty. Statistics prove that Managed IT Services provide a better outcome.

A Healthier Approach

Proactive, automated system monitoring eliminates the vast majority of IT problems. Round-the-clock, remote problem resolution takes care of nearly all the rest. The result is a sharply reduced incidence of outages with higher worker productivity and better customer service—all while sharply reducing costs for the organization.

InterDev’s Managed IT Services fully leverage these progressive monitoring platforms, shielding companies from unplanned downtime and boosting corporate operating capacity with a comprehensive, affordable, predictably priced service plan.

Our People Are Ready

We also place strong focus not only on employee training and certifications, but on cross-training, as well. This puts the critical knowledge and support that our customers depend upon in the hands of everyone on the team, creating a cohesive, consistent and highly qualified unit.

What does all this service cost? About the price of a single network administrator.

IT Services

InterDev Managed IT Services Clients Get All of the Services of a:

• Security Engineer
• Network Administrator
• Solutions Architect
• Systems Engineer
• Support Technician
• Help Desk

For About the Cost of Just One Network Administrator

Managed IT Services Brochure

Managed IT Services Brochure


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