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InterDev GIS Analyst Brock Ryan Receives Esri Technical Certification as an ArcGIS Desktop Professional

ALPHARETTA, GA – October 26, 2018 — InterDev, an Atlanta-area provider of information technology, security and geographic information systems (GIS) services, congratulates GIS Analyst Brock Ryan for obtaining certification as an ArcGIS Desktop Professional by the Esri Technical Certification Team. Brock is currently working on-site at one of InterDev’s many municipal engagements, where he is a key member in delivering world-class GIS services. To become certified as an ArcGIS Desktop Professional, Brock passed a difficult [...]

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Health Hackathon Champs

ALPHARETTA, GA - May 25, 2018 - While it is true that our GIS experts at InterDev focus mainly on providing award winning analysis for our local government clients, many of our team members give of their free time to promote and influence the larger GIS sphere. Two members of the InterDev GIS team, Langdon Sanders and Amber Keller recently competed in the Healthcare Hackathon 2018 sponsored by Pitney Bowes, RCG Global Services, and the [...]

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InterDev Goes Back to School: GIS Manager Mike Edelson Presents at Georgia Tech

ATLANTA, GA - November 8, 2017 - InterDev GIS Manager Mike Edelson spoke to a class of students in the Master of Science in Geographic Information Science and Technology (MS-GIST) program at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) on Wednesday, November 8th as part of the GIS Professional Seminar course. This course is a lecture only class in which industry professionals are brought in to talk to students about the opportunities available to them [...]

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InterDev Senior GIS Analyst Langdon Sanders Receives Certification as Geographic Information Systems Professional

ALPHARETTA, GA – December 14, 2017 — InterDev, an Atlanta-area provider of information technology, security and geographic information services (GIS), congratulates Senior GIS Analyst Langdon Sanders for obtaining certification as a GIS Professional (GISP) by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI). To become certified as a GISP, a GIS professional must have met standards for ethical conduct and professional practice as established by the GISCI. The certification requires achievement in three areas: educational achievement, professional experience, [...]

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InterDev Employees Celebrate GIS Day by Giving Back

November 15, 2017 - The month of November plays host to one of the biggest holidays in America. Every year people from all across the county come together to celebrate family, friends, and the good things in life all while enjoying a delicious meal. While Thanksgiving is certainly the more recognized holiday, there is another day in November that is significant for a lot of people across the states and this year, several InterDev employees took [...]

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InterDev Helps the City of Canton, Georgia Modernize Technology Systems and Deploy Advanced GIS Mapping Capabilities

ALPHARETTA, Ga – November 16, 2017
InterDev, an Atlanta-area provider of information technology, security and geographic information systems (GIS) services, was recently selected by the City of Canton to upgrade its legacy IT and GIS systems. The engagement grew out of an IT and GIS assessment that InterDev was initially contracted to perform for the city.

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Geographic Information Systems for Emergency Response: InterDev’s Award-Winning Solution

Update November 13, 2017: The URISA Award and the GIS team in partnership with InterDev were recognized by City of Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul at the City Council Meeting on November 7th. Although the first documented instance of geographic information system (GIS) mapping was in 1832 (a hand-tinted cholera epidemiology map in Paris), GIS as a discipline didn’t really find its footing until the 1960s and 1970s. Even then, it was a much more elementary technology [...]

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City of Sandy Springs Recognized for Mapping Solution Created for Emergencies

SANDY SPRINGS - October 26, 2017 – The City of Sandy Springs has been recognized by URISA (Urban and Regional Information Systems Association) for the City’s use of geospatial information technology (GIS) to improve delivery and quality of government services. The City was awarded top honors in the Single Process System Category during URISA’s Exemplary Systems in Government Awards presentation on October 25, 2017. The award competition is open to all public agencies at the federal, state/provincial, regional and local levels.

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City of Chamblee Launches New GIS Portal Powered by InterDev

Chamblee, GA - October 18, 2017 - The City of Chamblee is proud to announce their new GIS portal available to all citizens. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are becoming increasingly popular and important for cities and counties of all shapes and sizes. From informing citizens of the best places to eat, play, and relax to assisting emergency response teams in times of crises, GIS is a critical function of local governments.  Residents, developers, landowners, and more can [...]

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Mapping the forest in Avondale Estates

By Russell Grantham | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Business and Money News (August 25, 2017)
When Avondale Estates wanted to know how many trees had disappeared in its urban forest, the city turned to a metro Atlanta firm that works with digital mapping systems to track changes.

The resulting map, which combines U.S. Department of Agriculture aerial photos from 2009 and 2015, shows frequent red patches where parts of the tree canopy have disappeared from the DeKalb County community.

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