THE MUNICIPAL – November 2014
The benefits of outsourcing IT are well documented. Research firm Gartner found that a $96.14 million increase in IT outsourcing by organizations resulted, on average, in a $121.1 million drop in operating costs for non-IT functions. For municipalities, not only does outsourcing IT services reduce costs, it also spreads risk, enhances service delivery to citizenry and businesses, and improves operating capacity.

Last year four Illinois villages joined together to get better pricing on IT services. The vendor they selected, InterDev, worked closely with the Chicago-area villages.

InterDev provides IT services for more than 30 government entities across Georgia and Florida. The company was invited to bid and subsequently reached an agreement with the villages of Glenview, Buffalo Grove, Kenilworth and Lake Bluff in Illinois to provide services beginning in 2014.

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