An InterDev Case Study

All About Developmental DisabilitiesFor All About Developmental Disabilities (AADD), a nonprofit that serves the families of developmentally disabled individuals, technology isn’t an enabler for staff at the main office—it’s a working partner for employees in the field. Most of AADD’s staff and volunteers spend their days where they are needed most—at the homes of families in the program. As a result, remote technology support, especially for data exchange, is an indispensable component of AADD’s ability to serve its clients. InterDev makes that possible at a price that is affordable for a non-profit with limited resources.

Business Case.

With some knowledgeable staff and a few volunteers to help with intermittent technology problems, AADD had no dedicated IT staff in its office. Yet, its data-intensive mission and remote model called for an advanced technology solution that enabled caseworkers to access data and productivity programs outside the office.

“Our work is in the community entirely, so we needed an inexpensive way to offer technology support to those employees,” says AADD Executive Director Dave Blanchard. “The work entails a lot of paperwork and documentation, so technology and IT support allows them to do what they need in the field.”

Solutions In Action.

InterDev’s fully managed, “all you can eat” IT services model, which provides proactive monitoring and problem intervention, with 24/7/365 support, was a perfect fit for AADD. Because many of InterDev’s corporate and municipal clients require remote access to server data, equipping AADD for this vital benefit was part of the solution, as well.

InterDev evaluated AADD’s environment, deployed the technology to enable round-the-clock system monitoring and management, and implemented its industry-leading direct support ticketing system for all employees. InterDev also ensured AADD had failsafe yet flexible and accessible backup protection for AADD’s all-important data. Because sensitive information is included in that data pool, InterDev worked with AADD to ensure security controls were sufficiently stringent.

“We can go back and find information that was mistakenly deleted, or if there is an unexpected catastrophe, we can restart from where we were,” says Blanchard. “The data and the backups are protected by passwords and access is limited to ensure data remains confidential.” Most importantly, he adds, “InterDev ensures that all of our data and files are backed up and they make sure that process is working.”

Measurable Benefits.

Blanchard says the InterDev solution powers productivity in a way that was not previously feasible. “Employees can work offsite in a real way. They can access files and our database, plus contact and calendar information,” he says. “Because we deal with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) information, employees need to enter notes quickly and completely and it is not cost effective or efficient to return to the office each time you need to make a note. The ability to do this from a client site, a car or at home after work is very helpful.”

He also praises InterDev for the quality of its support system. “They offer 24/7 support services for when we have issues,” Blanchard says. “There is someone we’re able to talk to in a number of different ways. We feel comfortable writing a ticket but also just calling the account manager whether the issue is simple or complex.”

AADD performs a yearly evaluation of its vendors during budget review and Blanchard says InterDev comes out on top, every time. “When we went out and looked at other providers, the cost was either a little more with a poorer reputation or significantly more,” he says. “InterDev offers good quality support at a very competitive price. They understand our business, our needs and our employees and have been responsive to our needs in a really efficient and effective way.”

About the Client

All About Developmental Disabilities (AADD), formerly Atlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities, was founded in 1956 and has grown from a local, grassroots organization, created by a group of concerned parents, to become the State of Georgia’s foremost nonprofit provider of support services to families living with developmental disabilities. With 35 employees and 150 regular volunteers, AADD services approximately 150 families.

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