Helping Municipalities Experience Savings through Shared Resources

CHICAGO, IL – April 24, 2014
InterDev, a leading provider of information technology and security services, today announced that it has been awarded contracts by the Chicago-area Villages of Buffalo Grove, Glenview, Kenilworth and Lake Bluff to provide all services related to Information Technology. The contracts were awarded to InterDev under a newly formed IT consortium, a joint effort among the municipalities to share IT resources in order to gain efficiencies.

“In 2013, several municipalities joined together with the idea that we could secure IT services under one provider and create a shared services environment where staffing and infrastructure would be shared and economies of scale could be leveraged,” explained Todd Hileman, Village Manager of Glenview. “The communities explored the idea in a Request for Information process with a subsequent Request for Proposals process, which resulted in a decision to contract with InterDev. “

“The consortium was particularly attractive to the Village of Glenview because of the efficiencies we’ll gain by reducing our IT spending per user and eliminating duplicate IT systems, plus the improvements we’ll see in our purchasing power when we combine our procurement efforts,” Hileman said.

Participating municipalities were also attracted to the long-term strategic planning benefits, which will allow them to consolidate duplicative infrastructures and improve utilization of existing resources, then develop hardware and software standards that will save money now and into the future.

The consortium’s reliability also means that the villages are protected from knowledge and service gaps that came with traditional staff turnover.
“One of the core benefits of shared services is the ability to gain access to resources ranging from help desk and network administrator all the way up through security engineer and CIO,” InterDev CEO Gary Nichols said. “For smaller villages that might otherwise only be able to afford a single resource, this model allows them to gain access to high quality services that can help them set strategies to remain at the forefront of technology.”

InterDev has acquired a reputation as a leading information technology resource in public-private partnerships (PPP) with municipalities, state agencies and public safety departments throughout Georgia and Florida.

“Government entities are increasingly turning to the private sector to enhance services to their citizens while still controlling costs,” Nichols continued. “These partnerships allow municipalities to maintain their focus on the business of serving their residents while employing specialists to deliver key services both upfront and behind the scenes.”

Statistics indicate that cities operating under a PPP model can enjoy dramatic savings (nearly 30%, according to a recent study by the Georgia Institute of Technology) without any reduction in quality and quantity of services, and in many cases with more innovation and better service delivery.

InterDev, which already provides IT services for more than 30 government entities across Georgia and Florida, was invited to bid and subsequently reached an agreement with the Villages of Glenview, Buffalo Grove and Lake Bluff to provide services beginning in 2014. Because of the firm’s prior experience transitioning new and existing cities, it has been able to anticipate the needs and make plans to stand up operations — ranging from IT infrastructure to voice and data communications — in just a few short weeks.

“From the time we first met with representatives of the IT consortium, our team has worked tirelessly to anticipate their requirements and make plans to ensure successful, uninterrupted transition of operations for their staff and citizens,” Nichols stated.

Specific services InterDev will provide under the contract include selecting, configuring, managing, monitoring and maintaining all IT hardware, software and ERP systems. InterDev will also oversee administration of the Villages’ electronic mail servers to comply with state and federal archival requirements, administration of the Villages’ VoIP system, and the development and administration of state-of-the-art security protocols and platforms.

About InterDev

For more than 30 years, InterDev has provided professional Information Technology (IT) services and support for emerging organizations and government entities across the U.S. In addition to managing and hosting IT operations for its valued clients, InterDev also provides leading edge IT security solutions — based on technologies from Palo Alto Networks, Enterasys and Dell SecureWorks — as well as telecommunications consulting including VoIP phone systems, and voice and data circuits. InterDev is a proud Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Barracuda Networks Certified Diamond Partner. InterDev serves customers from offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois and Jacksonville, Florida. For more information, visit

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