For years, Brookhaven, Georgia has been one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets for great food and entertainment. Recently, Brookhaven has seen a boom to its economy and is now quickly becoming known as a top neighborhood/restaurant destination. To help local businesses prosper, the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce was looking for a new and innovative way to help get their message out. With the help of InterDev’s GIS team, this Story Map was created to help the Chamber tell its story.

InterDev and the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to put together this Esri Story Map of all the Chamber’s restaurant members. This Story Map takes you on a tour of all the Chamber’s restaurant members, and will quickly show you the location of the restaurant, a website address, and through various types of media, allow the viewer to quickly discern the vibe of the restaurant.

Click here or click on the image below to begin exploring the great restaurants in Brookhaven.

Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce Restaurant Story Map

Story Maps are an extremely effective way of telling your organization’s story in a new and interesting way. For example, Story Maps are being used by local governments to locate historic sites, pubic art tours, and locations of parks. Major events like the World Cup in Brazil are using Story Maps to guide visitors to major attractions, stadiums, and other places of interest. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,) tasked with the Gulf of Mexico restoration project after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, is now using Story Maps to inform the public of the latest restoration projects.

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