An InterDev Case Study

Roswell Street Baptist ChurchSince its founding in 1943, Roswell Street Baptist Church (RSBC) has undergone many changes, moving from an organizing committee of 24 faithful to the current congregation of 8,000 members. With multiple ministries, global missions, and both television and online support programs, RSBC finds modern technology to be invaluable in its outreach efforts to “Connect People with God.” So, when a series of system issues revealed gaps in their backup plans and lack of system redundancy, RSBC knew it was time for a more robust solution. That search lead them to InterDev.

Business Case.

RSBC’s IT Director had been managing most of the technology work at RSBC with help from the Minister of Instrumental music (the former IT Director) and occasional IT partnerships. The realization of system shortcomings and the IT Director’s departure provided a perfect opportunity to overhaul the technology solution in place. “The IT Director was gifted, but no one possessed all the skills—networking; social media; desktop assistance required by our operation,” says Perry Sapp, RSBC’s Administrator of Finance and Information Technology. “We didn’t need someone onsite, 10 hours a day, but we did need a greater depth and breadth of knowledge than we could afford in one person.”

Sapp called in InterDev, which had previously assisted RSBC with the purchase and installation of servers. “In my initial meeting with Gary

[Nichols] and Neil [Matchan], there was an instant rapport. Gary said, ‘Make a list of all the tasks that your IT Director does and we will make sure all of those are covered and more.’ Any promises he made verbally, Gary was willing to put in writing,” says Sapp.

Solutions In Action.

Because RSBC wanted someone onsite at least part time to help with questions or desktop needs that arose, InterDev worked out a plan that combined InterDev’s fully managed, “all you can eat” IT services with the presence of an onsite resource. An InterDev IT specialist would be available at RSBC for half-days every weekday. InterDev’s proactive, remote monitoring and maintenance solution with on-call technical assistance would be operational around the clock. InterDev would also recommend improvement projects that could facilitate RSBC’s mission and protect it against potential disasters, then implement those projects with RSBC’s approval for the equipment purchase.

“When the InterDev specialist walks out the door, we still have InterDev service,” notes Sapp. “If we have a problem, InterDev can log in, or they can dispatch another specialist within an hour or so. We set up the limited onsite timeframe, but the level of service is not limited. If we need somebody day or night, we call and get the service we need.”

Since contracting with RSBC, InterDev has helped the 50 desktop-user church adopt virtualization technology for most of its servers and connect the users via fiber to the central physical server rack. The firm also recommended and installed a Unitrends backup device, with vaulting of data as a failsafe mechanism. InterDev is also helping the church determine an acceptable offsite data backup site. Ongoing projects include installation of campus wide Wi-Fi and transitioning to Windows 7, with any desktop replacements being upgraded to Windows 7 boxes.

Measurable Benefits.

For RSBC, one of the big benefits of moving to InterDev has been the peace of mind that comes from knowing that technical professionals are watching over the church’s infrastructure, 24/7/365. One of RSBC’s heaviest system usage days is Sunday, when AV computerization requirements increase technical complexity. InterDev keeps a tech expert on call in case a technical service need arises.

For Sapp, the benefits are measurable, as well. “Just after we signed our contract, we implemented a new server installation. Before the contract, in addition to our fulltime staff, I would have contracted with an IT provider to augment our technical support for the install at a cost of about $5,000. Once we signed with InterDev, those IT projects are part of our agreement. We immediately saved $5,000. My annual IT budget has been reduced by several thousand dollars.”

Sapp says uptime and support for the church’s worship services and other ministries has also improved. Employees have noticed the difference, but more important, Sapp says, is what some haven’t noticed. “I went into the Senior Pastor’s office last month and said, ‘Did you know we had a server crash over the weekend?’ and he said ‘No, I didn’t.’ I said, ‘See, I’m doing my job well.’”

“InterDev has performed well, following through on the quality of service they promised,” Sapp continues. “They have been able to step in and provide technology support for our various ministries, with the depth of technical knowledge we need; at a reasonable cost. This technical expertise at a reasonable cost is why we moved from a full-time employee to an outsource contract, and we’re glad we did.”

About the Client

Located in Marietta, GA, Roswell Street Baptist Church “is called to connect people with God through authentic worship, Christian growth and service to the community.” RSBC offers a broad range of worship styles plus small group Bible studies on one campus. Participation is encouraged through drama teams, audio technologies, choruses, praise bands, choirs and orchestra. The church provides child care services during worship events for children up to the age of four (4). RSBC members actively minister in the community in various schools; through mission trips “across the streets, across the states and across the seas”; plus service events like the Fall Festival and Veterans ‘Day Celebration.

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