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Although cities vary widely in their adoption of GIS analysis and modeling techniques, InterDev has discovered that all of them wish they could improve upon their management of the process. That’s where InterDev comes in.

For municipalities running Esri (ArcGIS), InterDev provides the high-level competency to help cities get more value out of their GIS solutions. We help in cities, counties and other local authorities adopt, manage and secure maximum value from ArcGIS, including ArcGIS for Local Government. We have even developed a cloud-based GIS platform called MosaicGIS™ that enables both government and commercial entities to get up and running with GIS quickly, without the expense and complexity of building and maintaining an enterprise GIS environment.

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InterDev also helps municipalities implement, upgrade and operate GIS systems, enabling them to derive maximum value from their investments. Benefits and efficiencies that InterDev helps cities achieve include:

  • Increase the efficiency of fire-fighting and emergency-response departments, resulting in improved ISO (insurance) ratings and lower insurance rates for property owners.
  • Significantly improve service delivery to citizens through modern, user-friendly GIS portals.
  • Integrate GIS for crime statistics mapping to support “safe community” initiatives.
  • Facilitate information sharing and consistency by integrating GIS data between public works and community development departments.
ESRI | Partner Network - SilverArcGIS Online Specialty

InterDev has specialized expertise in Esri and its ArcGIS products, including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Local Government. We have been awarded Esri’s ArcGIS Online Specialty for our proven track record of developing value-added services, apps and solutions.

Our expertise provides the high-level competency cities need to build upon Esri’s harmonized information model of GIS datasets, web services and maps to bring government operations to life for staff and citizens. We can also develop and support the specialized configurations and themes offered by this integrated information model.

Our GIS Staff Augmentation model provides cities, counties and municipalities with the direction, oversight and experience to ensure a stable, productive environment for the delivery of GIS services to citizenry and other departments as well as other local, county and state authorities.

Whether you seek to stop the revolving door of personnel replacement or integrate your GIS data more tightly with public works, public safety departments or community engagement efforts, InterDev’s GIS specialists will become the backbone of your successful effort.

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