Managed IT

Increase Operating Efficiency and Competitiveness with 24/7 Managed IT Services

Sixty percent of Managed IT Service customers describe their solution as a collaborative partnership―one that promotes efficiency and competitiveness while reducing in-house resource overload.

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Finely Tuned Security Gives Organizations a Fighting Chance

On average, in-house staff waste so much time chasing false malware and intrusion alerts that only four percent of real threats are investigated. Professional configuration and management of advanced security platforms is the best way to beat those odds.

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Advanced Government Solutions Save Costs; Improve Service

High-technology products deliver the most value to governments that contract for services, and Economic Journal has confirmed it. Outsourced IT and staff augmentation reduce waste, boost departmental efficiency and expand constituent service.

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GIS Services Drive Better Outcomes and Enhance Bottom Lines

Whether for the smallest city or the largest corporation, on-demand GIS services help organizations spatially structure their worlds, increasing operational effectiveness, fostering productivity and spurring business innovation.

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Achieve Greater Success with Visionary Innovations and Authentic Partnerships

From unified cloud computing platforms to advanced IP telephony, corporate leaders grasp the value of solution coverage and ingenuity. They also forge alliances with IT companies that are equally committed to accomplishment.

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Latest News From InterDev

Public and Private Sector Entities Face Cybersecurity Budget Crunches in 2016

A few weeks ago, we came across an article in CIO magazine announcing that the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO), a trade group representing Chief Information Officers of U.S. states, plans to ask Congress for help with cybersecurity and regulatory issues this year. Specifically, NASCIO wants the Department of Homeland Security to reinforce its state-level cyber programs. Given media [...]

New NASA Satellite Maps Show Global Air Quality Changing Over Time

This video shows how NASA uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to produce time aware maps of the global air quality.  Time aware maps can not only track air quality, but can also be used in other capacities as well, such as, trending crime patterns, tree canopy change, shifting population demographics, wildlife migration patterns, or even monitor events like the Deep [...]

Avoiding the Email Hacks that Catch the “Big Boys”

This year has seen more spectacular hacks, including the email hacks of CIA Director John Brennan as well as the voice mail hack of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. When high-profile individuals involved in national security become victims themselves, it makes everyone wonder, “Is anyone safe?” For organizations trying to protect their corporate assets and the sensitive information [...]