Vulnerability Assessment and Management Services

Vulnerability Assessment

With digital security threats growing at an exponential rate, many business leaders wonder, “Are my company and its assets safe?” If your company is open and operating, the answer is, “You are vulnerable.” The million-dollar business question is, “How bad is it?”

The InterDev Vulnerability Assessment, a key component of Managed Security, will answer that question. Our assessment includes deep, comprehensive inspection of your organization’s IT systems, including both internal and external vulnerabilities across all network devices, servers and network services, as well as physical security, behaviors of personnel and other potential points of vulnerability. After we uncover the current flaws in your defenses, we develop a clear, coherent report, filled with valuable insights, constructive advice and pragmatic recommendations ranked by priority, to minimize your exposure to cyber attackers and corporate criminals.

The InterDev Vulnerability Assessment includes:

  • Network vulnerability: Comprehensive network scan for security, configuration and access problems.
  • Wireless security: A wireless network evaluation for encryption issues, rogue (unauthorized) access points and other potential threats.
  • Environmental security: Risk evaluation of your operating environment including policies for on-premise access by strangers and removal of company assets for any reason.
  • Database and application security: Vulnerability scan of databases and software such as missing patches or updates.
  • Personnel security: Personnel risk assessment to reveal behavioral indiscretions, deficient policies and procedures, and other problems that could put your firm at risk.

When we deliver the Vulnerability Assessment and Report, we will offer to prepare a remediation plan that works within the capabilities and risk tolerance of your organization. Upon acceptance, we will erect and deploy operational lines of defense. After initial remediation is complete, our security team will probe deep into the system a second time to identify and eliminate any remaining flaws.

Depending on the agreed-upon service level, InterDev will also periodically reassess the network and IT architecture, policies and procedures to determine whether unanticipated or unauthorized changes have created a situation that warrants further corrective action.

Defense in Depth

Procedures Incorporate:

Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Intrusion Prevention & Detection Systems (IPS/IDS)
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Security Information / Event Management (SIEM)
Unified Threat Management (UTM)
Risk-Based Security Auditing
Security Policy and Procedure Development

Vulnerability Assessment Services Brochure

Vulnerability Assessment Services Brochure


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