Application Whitelisting has long been considered the gold standard in protecting businesses from viruses, ransomware, and other malicious software. Unlike antivirus, Application Whitelisting puts you in control over what software, scripts, executables, and libraries can run on your endpoints and servers. This “default deny” approach not only stops malicious software, but it also stops any other unpermitted applications from running. Controlling what software can run should be the first line of defense in protecting yourself from malicious software. Ringfencing then adds the second line of defense for applications that are permitted. First, by defining how applications can interact with each other, and then controlling what resources applications can access, such as network, files, and registry. Ringfencing is an invaluable tool in the fight against fileless malware and software exploits.

  • Full granular audit of every executable, script, or library executed on your endpoints
  • Default deny application whitelisting approach to deny anything not trusted by your business
  • Thirty seconds single click approval
  • Stop fileless malware and limit damage from application exploits
  • Define how applications can integrate with other applications
  • ThreatLocker automatically adds new hashes when application and system updates are released

Unified Audit

See granular details of every single application, script, or library opened on your endpoints in real-time. Including desktop, servers, and even laptops if they are in or out of the office.

Ringfence Applications

Control application access to resources, including network, registry, and file. Backed up by a real-time audit of all what network resources your applications are accessing.

Firewall Like Application Policies

A powerful firewall like policy engine that allows you to permit, deny or restrict application access at a granular level.

Time-based policies

Permit access to applications for a specified amount of time. Automatically block the application after the policy has expired.

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