Dell SecureWorks

Dell SecureWorks

Managing IT security is tough but every small step your organization takes towards deploying a security strategy is better than having no strategy at all.

Dell SecureWorksDell SecureWorks’ IT security services provide protection across the network, safeguarding the perimeter, defending critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners, and providing key controls for regulations such as PCI and SOX.

InterDev employs Dell SecureWorks as an integral part of our Managed Security Services offering to ensure automated checking of your reports as well as security of your devices.

Some of the SecureWorks Managed Security services preferred by InterDev clients include:

  • SIM On Demand
    Automated aggregation, correlation and analysis of log data from security devices, network infrastructure, servers and other key assets.
  • Log Monitoring
    24×7 real-time analysis by certified security experts of logs and alerts from security devices, network infrastructure, servers and other key assets.
  • Device Management
    Guidance and expertise to help you control risk and securely support mobile devices and applications.
  • iSensor IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Service
    Available as a fully managed intrusion prevention service and an enterprise-level bundle, iSensor helps you eliminate malicious inbound and outbound traffic around the clock, without the burden of device or signature management, and without increasing in-house headcount.
  • Vulnerability Management Services (VMS)
    Dell SecureWorks security personnel conduct regularly scheduled or on-demand vulnerability scans of a customer’s cloud services and applications. If security vulnerabilities are found during the scanning process, the customer will immediately receive recommendations on how to fix them.

SecureWorks Threat Intelligence

It’s not a matter of if you will be attacked by cyber-criminals, but when and how. With Dell SecureWorks Threat Intelligence, you gain proactive defense against threats by disrupting the kill chain attack process.

  • Gain visibility into threats outside of your network that are targeting you.
  • Stay ahead of attackers and their tactics.
  • Make the right preparations to protect your organization.

SecureWorks Incident Response

When a security breach occurs, time is of the essence. With the Dell SecureWorks Incident Response service, Dell’s security experts begin working within minutes to contain the breach, mitigate the threat and protect your assets—with a guarantee that security consults will be onsite, if needed, within 24 hours. This dramatically reduces incident response time and improves overall response effectiveness.

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