Simple, Intelligent Video Surveillance

CudaEyeEnterprises seeking an intuitive yet exceptionally user-friendly video surveillance solution now have a solution in CudaEye. With a CudaEye system, installation requires nothing more than mounting the cameras, connect it to an existing high-speed Internet connection and walking away. It’s that easy.

CudaEye is an all-in-one, cloud-based video surveillance platform with cameras that connect to existing wireless networks and come factory-installed with everything they need to give you detailed, remote access to real-time video and historical information.

CudaEye CamerasCameras install quickly and easily, with no wiring required. Captured video is encrypted by the camera and then uploaded to a secure, cloud-based archive where only the individuals you authorize individuals can access and view it. CudaEye supports single or multi-camera installations, and can also support geographically disparate installations for organizations that want to network the camera feed from multiple locations.

Users can view video footage and other information from any Internet-connected device (including mobile platforms) by securely logging into a private interface at Once logged in, a user can observe live video feed through the default dashboard (the NOW mode), quickly navigate the timeline and review one or more motion-driven events (video snapshots are triggered by motion in front of the camera) or turn the camera off.

Additional features of CudaEye include:

  • CudaEye Camera FeaturesMotion/activity alerts
  • Audio recording
  • Surveillance operations screen
  • Advanced reporting
  • Long-term video storage
  • Choice of video resolution (up to 1280 x 720) and video retention (up to 90 days) based on plan.

With CudaEye, corporations, educational institutions, governmental entities and others can build an unlimited video surveillance network without the need for video servers, tapes and other cumbersome equipment.

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