Scalable Backup and Disaster Recovery with Virtual Backup and Failover Support

UNITRENDSDesigned as an all-in-one solution, Unitrends’ Recovery backup appliances take the frustration and complexity out of executing timely, comprehensive system and data backups. Out of the box, Unitrends appliances offer multiple backup methodologies for 100+ versions of computers, operating systems, applications and storage devices.

Unitrends also offers vRecovery, a virtual version of the appliance. It runs on VMware ESX/ESXi vSphere and functions in an identical fashion to its physical counterparts. It enables firms running VMware to enjoy the comprehensive, user-friendly Unitrends backup solution without purchasing a new appliance.

In diverse environments, Recovery and vRecovery work together to meet the needs of the business and provide failover support. An intuitive, web-based user interface enables staff to monitor and manage one to hundreds of physical and/or virtual appliances from a single, user-friendly display.

Unitrends BoxUnitrends ApplianceUnitrends’ appliances integrate with a wide array of alternate archival devices (depending on the model selected) including tape, USB 2.0, SATA and LAN. Available with backup capacities from 350GB to 18TB (raw storage space, .75-31TB) and support for 1-10GB Ethernet and Fibre Channel interfaces, Unitrends appliances fit every possible need and budget, and their scalability puts an end to the era of “fork-lift” upgrades.

For 100% failover support and disaster recovery protection, Unitrends offers offsite replication and recovery of your backups on both physical and virtual appliances to your private-cloud vault or our secure, cloud-based environment.

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