Dell AppAssure

Dell AppAssure

AppAssureDell AppAssure is the world’s fastest and most reliable continuous backup and disaster recovery software for Windows application servers. Built from the ground up to protect both virtual (VMware vSphere ESX(i) and Hyper-V) and physical servers as well as cloud environments, it supports backup and replication to both disk and private or public cloud storage, with 100% guaranteed recovery and built-in daily testing.

Instant restore of VMs or servers enables businesses to be back up and running with mission-critical applications either locally or from the cloud within minutes, no matter what the type of failure.

Dell AppAssure’s server backup software has won 10 major technology industry awards including Gold award in Backup category as well as Gold award in the Disaster Recovery category from Windows IT Pro magazine and also the ISV Winner in Backup category from Virtualization Review Magazine for 2012.

  • AppAssure Restore WizardLive Recovery
    • Instant restore of your VMs or servers
    • Near-zero recovery time objective (RTO)
  • Recovery Assure
    • 100% Guarantee that your backups & applications are recoverable
    • “Application-aware” recoverability testing of every backup every day
  • Universal Recovery
    • Cross-platform restore to any VM or server (P2V, V2V, V2P, P2P)
    • Granular Object Level Recovery: Application-Item or File-Level Restore
  • TrueScale
    • TrueScale™ Architecture leverages a dynamic, multi-core pipeline storage system
    • Scales linearly to store and manage data efficiently and deliver RTOs and RPOs of minutes
  • True Global Deduplication
    • Save storage costs through integrated, inline deduplication and compression
    • Eliminates redundant data from your backups not just locally, but across your entire network

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