Municipal governments represent a diverse range of communities, each with their own unique set of needs. Finding the right balance between providing quality services and maintaining a responsible budget has long been a core function of local government and too often city administrators are forced to make difficult decisions due to limited budgets. In recent years, the idea of sharing resources among neighboring communities has begun to open up incredible new opportunities.

In 1999, four communities in the Chicago area formed the GIS Consortium which allowed them to share access to full-time Geographic Information Services (GIS) personnel without having to incur the costs individually. None of the communities required their own full-time analyst at the time and by sharing staffing, they could target their resources on data, solutions, and staff development.

In 2014, InterDev in partnership with 5 Chicago area communities, launched the GovIT Consortium which builds on the GIS model to include full-time, top-tier IT services with costs being shared across the member communities. InterDev provides additional public safety dispatch services to other local municipalities allowing the company to impact a total of 17 communities. Over the life of the five-year contract, this shared resources approach will save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands in expenses.