Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

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Geospatial technology solutions, from mapping to store locator services, have become so commonplace that many people take them for granted. Yet, many organizations of all sizes have yet to harness the incredible power that GIS and its related solutions offer. That’s where InterDev comes in.

InterDev provides the high-level competency to extract more value from GIS solutions. InterDev also helps businesses, governments and other entities implement, upgrade and operate GIS systems, enabling them to derive maximum benefit and return from their investments.

ESRI | Partner Network - SilverArcGIS Online SpecialtyLocal Government Specialty

InterDev has specialized expertise in Esri and its ArcGIS products, including ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Local Government. We have been awarded Esri’s ArcGIS Online Specialty for our proven track record of developing value-added services, apps and solutions, and we are an authorized ArcGIS solution reseller.

Our expertise provides the high-level competency organizations need to build upon Esri’s harmonized information model of GIS datasets, web services and maps to bring geographic information to life for employees and customers. We can also develop and support the specialized configurations and themes offered by this integrated information model.

For those who require staffing assistance—with or without system planning and guidance—our GIS staff augmentation model provides the direction, oversight and experience to ensure a stable, productive environment for the delivery of GIS services.

From putting GIS data to work mapping service routes, tracking equipment, creating interactive website maps, and more, to closing the revolving door of GIS personnel replacement, InterDev’s GIS specialists can be the backbone of a very successful effort.

Sandy Springs 4ft DEM created using 2013 LIDAR data

Sandy Springs 4ft DEM, created using 2013 LIDAR data.

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2020, Smart 50 Award, Canton, Georgia

2018, GIS Day Best Display Award, DeKalb County, Georgia

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