The InterDev Data Center

The InterDev Data Center

Supporting the Outsourcing of Your IT Needs

With spending on cloud computing infrastructure and platforms forecast to grow at a 30% CAGR from 2013 through 2018 (Goldman Sachs; 2015), there is no doubt that this technology has come of age. However, while some companies are merely dipping their toes in the cloud with technologies such as hosted CRM (customer relations management), others have moved all their business IT assets to the cloud. They’re reaping the unparalleled security, accessibility and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing, and at the same time gaining freedom from the burden of IT management.

To make such a move with total confidence requires trust in your IT provider—working with a leader in managed services; a true IT partner that operates a best-practices data center. In other words, it means working with a company like InterDev.

Cloud Migration/Data Center Relocation

Migrating to the cloud or relocating a data center is a complex, delicate activity that should only be conducted with a team of experts on the job. InterDev’s technical specialists help company stakeholders to identify, relocate and secure these precious assets over a secure, encrypted connection, with minimal disruption to the workplace.

Datacenter/Cloud Hosting

For a fixed monthly fee, InterDev offers a fully-cloud based solution that gives clients the benefits of our managed services in a cloud environment. Companies permanently forego the need to upgrade, maintain and monitor their infrastructure, because they no longer have the burden of owning it. Instead, we host their data and servers on enterprise-grade hardware in our data center, where it is secured from fire, flood and intrusion with stringent safeguards that no individual company could normally afford. Corporate data and line-of-business applications, including email and now Office 365, are securely hosted and delivered on demand over a redundant, high-speed Internet connection.

For those firms not yet ready to move completely to the cloud, our data center also offers:

  • Hosting of secure offsite backup and disaster recovery services: We manage and maintain the most critical piece of your business continuity puzzle—protecting your data and facilitating recovery in the event of a data or physical disaster.
  • Private Cloud: For customers that do not wish to share secure rack space with other firms in a public cloud, we can establish a private cloud, which provides the greatest degree of segregation and helps companies adhere to the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulatory mandates.
  • Hosted VoIP (Internet telephony) for everything from international call centers to unified communications.

The InterDev Data Center

Located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia (where some of the world’s largest data centers are housed), the InterDev data center comprises 168,000 square feet of 48″ raised floor in a 376,000 sf enclosed space. Built of tilt-up concrete with reinforced steel, the data center has a dual reinforced roof with a Category One hurricane wind rating and an underground power feed, encased in concrete all the way from the substation to the site.

Data Center Facility Highlights:

  • Secured receiving area for customer-owned equipment; large and small truck docks for deliveries.
  • More than 10 Tier-I Internet backbones support high-speed delivery of data and services.
  • Six 1800 KVA (Kilovolt Ampere) power units supply up to 7.2 megawatts (MW) of power to the data floor.
  • 12 Caterpillar generators (six to back up the UPS; six to back up critical systems) ensure power continuity in the event of an outage.
  • A redundant power unit, UPS module and Cat generator ensure power continuity in the event of an equipment failure.
  • Approximately 114,000 gallons of on-site diesel fuel to provide 3 days of power at full load
  • An N+1 chiller plant provides air flow to more than 176,000 sf of raised floor space.
  • Air temperature above the floor is maintained at 70° ± 5° with humidity at 50% ± 5%.
  • Leak detection systems and drains ensure no water can collect under the raised floor.
  • A Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus provides the earliest possible warning of a potential fire event.

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