Collaboration & Portals

Collaboration & Portals

The Information Age has moved beyond mere information access. In the current competitive environment, companies that rake in the profits are structuring their systems for collaboration and information exchange. They leverage systems that connect corporate employees, customers and vendors with the expertise or information they need, at the time they need it, to support and propel sound business decisions.

How are they doing this? By building collaboration systems and information portals that automate the exchange of business data securely and in real time. Consider the intranet as an example.

Intranets unite important information under a single umbrella, affording easy access to files, discussions and other resources through a single point of reference. Intranets can simplify access to complex data, often reducing or even eliminating the need to master complex systems when only simple data is needed.

Taken to the next step, intranets can incorporate or be connected with collaboration platforms that enable workers to communicate directly via real-time messaging. Personnel, from salespeople to inventory managers, can ask questions and obtain the information they need, quickly, speeding decision making and increasing productivity. If desired, they can incorporate web conferencing features with file collaboration and “whiteboarding,” where teams work on documents and projects interactively, exchange and view visuals in a virtual group environment, and more.

All of these capabilities can also be extended to customers and partners, depending upon the requirements of the organization, through external portals and extranets. Whether public or access restricted, these solutions can support inventory checking, ordering, delivery updates, and any other information exchanges that previously would have required a staff member’s time and effort.

These platforms represent business automation at its finest, and they are available now. Our experienced, resourceful development team works with companies to identify their needs, engineer new solutions or customize existing platforms, and deploy them securely across the enterprise with amazing results.

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