Backup Services

Backup Services

For decades, data backups have been important to business success and even survival. As a result, most business owners have heard the statistics that say they will go out of business if they suffer major data loss. The majority of them have some form of backup. The question then becomes, “Does that backup work for them?”

Creating a backup and storing it somewhere isn’t enough. To ensure optimal productivity, backup parameters, timing, level of encryption and retrieval capabilities must reflect business realities. For example:

  • Does the backup take place often enough that important changes to documents are being archived?
  • Does the solution manage the backup to ensure that multiple copies of the same file aren’t wasting precious space and costing the organization money?
  • Can individual files be restored if an employee accidentally deletes one?
  • If so, can personnel handle the restore themselves, or does IT need to get involved?
  • These are the questions that many firms never ask about their backup solutions. They also may not ask some truly critical ones, such as:
    • Does the provider make redundant copies of backups and guarantee no data will be lost due to backup system failure?
    • In the event a company’s system crashes, can the provider escalate the solution to a full disaster recovery effort?

The reality is that third-party backup solutions and services range widely in their capabilities. Some providers do not even guarantee data continuity in their service level agreements. For this reason, business decision makers should not assume anything.

With more than three decades of experience in IT, InterDev has worked with every emerging backup technology, and we know what approaches and technologies work best for virtually every business model and need. Some of our employees have dedicated their entire careers to helping companies develop and manage all aspects of the system lifecycle, from file creation to system backup and selective or system restore.

Today, we sell, install, maintain and support backup solutions from leading technology providers including Barracuda Networks, Dell (AppAssure), Unitrends and Veeam. Not content to sit on their laurels, we continually explore new developments to ensure our customers are at the forefront of data backup and protection.

Can your backup support group, whether it is an in-house IT team or a third-party service, say that?

Corporate Backup Statistics


Companies missed a business opportunity due to data unavailability or loss


Companies that lost profit due to data unavailability or loss

Six Hours

Average time to recover one lost file without selective file restore backups

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