Application Development Services

Application Development Services

Application Development ServicesTo put it bluntly, enterprise application development is tough. From user delivery expectations that border on unreasonable to ever-escalating security and data compliance challenges, the complications of in-house application development often make outsourcing the only practical option.

Offshore development is an inexpensive solution, but many companies find that “cheap” development services are not such a bargain, after all.

InterDev’s seasoned application development team helps companies build, upgrade or customize applications that their employees, customers and/or vendors will actually use. With prudent governance built into every app, organizations can be confident that their apps will perform as desired without exposing the firm or its users to reckless security flaws.

Properly managed and creatively executed, application development brings real strategic benefit to organizations of every size. Project scopes where InterDev’s code warriors lend particular value include:

  • Customizing an existing line-of-business product to fit specialized corporate needs
  • Coding productivity and “business process as a service” tools for personnel use
  • Developing web applications for ordering, procurement, e-commerce and more

Among business decision makers that outsource their application development, 88% are satisfied with the cost reduction and delivery performance of their providers, but many of them would like to see more ingenuity and better service.

Those who contract with InterDev already are.

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