City of FairburnALPHARETTA, Ga – January 25, 2018 – InterDev, an Atlanta-area provider of information technology, security and geographic information systems (GIS) services, today announced it has completed the first phase of its engagement with the City of Fairburn, during which it deployed and transitioned the city to Nutanix, a secure, enterprise-grade hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform. The InterDev team’s effort will enable the City, a modern, thriving municipality south of Atlanta, to securely and efficiently support its operations-and its residents and businesses-as it grows and evolves into the future.

“The InterDev team performed a deep evaluation to determine what we needed to service our community, and in doing so they also identified our most pressing issues,” said Fairburn Interim City Manager Chief Hood. “They helped us envision a solution that would give us greater security and efficiency now, with staged improvements later that would spread the financial impact over time. We really appreciate their flexibility for this effort.”

During the assessment process, the InterDev team discovered that restructuring the city’s email system would increase security, so InterDev experts reconfigured the system to ensure the city’s firewall was providing maximum filtering (spam, malware, viruses, etc.) for all email traffic. That effort will more stringently protect the communications and data of the city, and its residents and businesses, against the current generation of cyber invaders.

InterDev’s IT experts also transitioned the city’s backups to the Barracuda Intronis, greatly increasing the city’s capabilities and efficiency in backing up critical city data. InterDev recommended the Barracuda solution because it combines the agility and simplicity of a public cloud with the security and control of a local device.

With the current phase complete, Fairburn management is evaluating additional, state-of-the-art technology solutions InterDev has proposed, including an overhaul and refresh of the city’s IT infrastructure, a network upgrade for even greater operating performance and security, and migration to Office 365.

“Fairburn is an historic Atlanta-area municipality that has a modern plan for a successful future,” said InterDev CEO Gary Nichols. “InterDev is honored to help them achieve their goals and make their vision a reality.”

About the City of Fairburn

Fairburn, located just 15 minutes south of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, is a city of historic homes, buildings and places of worship with a thriving business community. Fairburn is a city that embraces the future while remembering the past. For more information, visit

About InterDev

Beyond their principal role as strategic provider of Managed IT and Security Services, InterDev is well known as a champion of IT visioning and innovation for growing businesses and government agencies – a role they perfected over nearly four decades. In addition to managing and hosting IT operations for its valued clients, InterDev also offers MosaicGIS™, a cloud-based, software-as-a-service GIS platform based on Esri, as well as VoIP telecommunications services and circuit solutions. InterDev delivers services to business and municipalities throughout the Southeast and Midwest from their offices in Atlanta, Beaufort (SC) and Chicago. For more information, visit

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