The Public/Private Partnership (PPP) model of administration is more unique than traditional forms of local government and has been transforming cities and communities across the globe for the past few decades. PPPs save cities and taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by outsourcing to private businesses many functions traditionally performed by government employees.

InterDev has been a pioneer in the field of Public/Private Partnerships for years. The partnerships we have established with many of our clients have been so effective that they are studied by graduate students at Toyo University in Tokyo, Japan. The Asia Public/Private Partnership Institute (APPPI) was established in 2011 with the aim or research, standardization of systems and education and training to use PPP for the development of major infrastructure in Asia. Their goal is to study how the Public/Private Partnership model might help cities and communities in Asia more effectively solve problems caused by financial limitations.

During the week of January 8-12, Professor Yu Namba, Associate Professor at Toyo University, met with many of the cities and vendors in the Atlanta area who operate using the Public/Private Partnership model. Professor Yu also visited the offices of InterDev to meet with CEO Gary Nichols and other key employees (pictured) to discuss both the history of our Public/Private Partnerships, and more importantly, the great positive impacts PPPs have had on the communities that have implemented them.