ATLANTA, GA – November 8, 2017 – InterDev GIS Manager Mike Edelson spoke to a class of students in the Master of Science in Geographic Information Science and Technology (MS-GIST) program at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) on Wednesday, November 8th as part of the GIS Professional Seminar course. This course is a lecture only class in which industry professionals are brought in to talk to students about the opportunities available to them in the field of GIS after graduation. Professional GIS guest speakers are brought in each week to discuss their varied careers in GIS to expose students to the many different careers paths and trajectories within GIS.

Edelson spoke about many of the incredible opportunities available to GIS professionals. After graduating from Florida State University with a BS in Geography in the year 2000,  Edelson began his career as a Land Surveying Crew Chief. In 2005, not long after his tenure as a crew chief, he was asked to join the startup team for the new City of Sandy Springs incorporation project. The City of Sandy Springs was the first new city incorporated in Georgia in over fifty years and Edelson highlighted the opportunities and challenges of the new city incorporation. He explained how that project established the process used by more than ten new cities in Georgia since 2005 and was the defacto standard to stand up dozens of municipalities across the country.

Edelson went on to highlight other memorable moments in his career. One experience of note was as a strategic part of the Levy Nuclear Power Plant Construction and Operating License (COL) Application process providing resources for over 5,000 map and data requests over the five-year project. During this same period, he participated in several Military Master Planning (MMP) projects for a variety of military bases in the Middle East. MMP is essentially urban planning for military bases, and Edelson was able to provide valuable intel to the planners and designers to allow for the most efficient utilization of resources.

Edelson has had a storied GIS career and is an acknowledged leader in the industry. His knowledge and varied experiences enabled him to encourage and inspire the future generations of GIS professionals.