Savannah, GA October 12, 2017 – The Georgia chapter of Government Management Information Sciences (GMIS) International held their Fall 2017 conference on October 8th-12th in Savannah, Georgia. GMIS is a professional IT association of worldwide government IT leaders dedicated to providing best practice solutions for initiatives by providing its members with enhanced professional development, training, conferences, awards and networking. InterDev has been a valued part of the GA GMIS conference for over 10 years.

This year, vendors were asked to speak for the first time and InterDev had the privilege of being asked to present. InterDev’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Neil Matchan spoke about the vital importance of securing all aspects of the network. He highlighted the idea that although incorporating the latest security technology into the network is critical, it is important not to forget the basics of network security. He spoke about how the most prevalent foundations and best security practices that have been prevalent across the industry for years, are just as important today as they have always been. He highlighted that the key to protecting the network is a comprehensive strategy which involves more than just securing the perimeter.

Mr. Matchan also discussed how education and training for end users is a vital component of network security and he recommended regular best practices security training for all users. According to Matchan, establishing a “questioning mindset” culture encourages end users to raise flags or bring potential issues forward at an early stage before they become problems.  From Mr. Matchan: “The ‘keep it simple’ principle still works in security. You can make it as complicated and as expensive as you see fit, but remembering the fundamentals and adopting a cohesive strategy will guide you in meeting your goals.”