Cisco Select PartnerInterDev is now an authorized Cisco partner at the Select level, and this designation enables us to provide our customers with many new benefits. The most commonly cited benefit is Cisco Channel Incentives, a program that enables us to offer our customers preferred pricing, trade-in credits and other financial promotions on many of the quality Cisco products we recommend and install.

As a firm that believes in a “security first” approach to technology, we have always been supporters of Cisco and its efforts to enhance network security. Our Select designation will provide new mechanisms for us to protect and secure corporate networks. These include such techniques as the “single provider security solution” where we equip our customer’s Cisco network devices with Cisco’s advanced intrusion detection solutions, creating a unified, seamless defense against penetration.

Beyond this technique, there are many more Cisco value-add tools and services that help us and our customers enhance the operating efficiency, reliability and security of corporate networks and their networked devices:

FindIt Network Management: A purpose-built solution for managing networks of Cisco 100 to 500 Series devices that enables teams to proactively manage the network instead of reacting to events. It is available in two deployment models:

  • FindIT Network Manager and Probe for full-time network management and monitoring from a single interface. Includes automated network discovery, automated firmware updates for network devices and detailed lifecycle reports.
  • FindIT Network Discovery Utility with browser-based network discovery and management. Offers automatic discovery and information display, one-click downloads for firmware updates, and support and maintenance data for discovered devices.

Both solutions integrate with the Cisco Active Advisor, a cloud-based service that scans existing networks for Cisco enterprise and small business products, including switches, routers, wireless access points and more.

Smart Net Total Care: As a Cisco Select partner, we gain access to a valuable collection of services, including a dedicated portal that helps us assess alert information, update and upgrade operating software for customer devices, and more.

Cisco Capital Financing: Preferred access to financing solutions will make it easier for our customers to purchase, today, the technologies that will secure their companies in the future.

InterDev is very excited to be expanding its relationship with Cisco due to the value it provides our customers. Stay tuned for more details, or visit our Cisco partner page to learn more.