Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Municipal Management/ERP Platforms

Cities and other public-sector entities have discovered they can greatly boost their operating efficiency and responsiveness while providing better constituent service with municipal management and enterprise resource planning solutions. From comprehensive packages that incorporate financial, personnel, citizen services, tax, court and public safety management to tailored offerings with a narrower scope, the options are extensive and diverse.

Make an Informed Choice

The sheer volume of contenders can make it difficult for governmental entities to select the right solution for their requirements. Additionally, most in-house government teams do not possess the resources, capacity or systems experience to deploy such a platform and ensure widespread integration optimization. InterDev bridges that gap, bringing its decades of software platform implementation experience to bear on every project. InterDev works directly with government stakeholders, helping them identify the best municipal management solutions and tools for their size, constituency and future vision.

Accelerate Adoption and ROI

After a decision is reached, we assist internal staff with deployment and configuration, as well as integration of the platforms with other technology-focused solutions such as computer networks and infrastructure, GIS, records management systems for public safety departments, and more. Services InterDev provides in support of these projects include:

  • Implement and manage solutions across all lines of business.
  • Perform appropriate hardware upgrades, including the transition from third-party hosted solutions to secure platforms, running securely either within the client’s infrastructure or in the cloud.
  • Manage the transition, including records and other data conversion with confirmation of data integrity.

Find the Right Partner

Based on our experience working directly with these vendors, InterDev recommends the following vendors and platforms for consideration:

Tyler TechnologiesTyler Technologies is the largest software company in the nation focused solely on providing integrated software and technology services to the public sector.

Tyler Munis: Favored by larger cities (100,000+) and governmental entities, Tyler Munis provides comprehensive, integrated and interconnected management support for the entire municipal ecosystem, including financials, human resources, and citizen services and revenues.

Tyler Incode: The Incode product encompasses more than 50 individual, intuitive and fully integrated public management modules, from internal financial and personnel management to citizen services and tax, court and public safety management.

Tyler New World: Designed specifically to streamline public systems management for small to midsized municipalities and other governments, New World ERP offers a comprehensive, cost-effective, and government-specific solution that lowers costs, reduces risk and creates greater efficiencies.

BS&A Software BS&A Software: BS&A is a tightly integrated system of software products designed specifically for municipalities that demand leading-edge, feature-rich solutions at a value price. It includes purpose-built modules for even the smallest functions, from cemetery management to animal control.

Edmunds:Edmunds & associates Available as an on-premise or cloud hosted solution, Edmunds has been a player in the public-sector management field for a long time. It offers a suite of web and mobile applications as well as modules for financial management, personnel management, and revenue management.

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