Chamblee, GA – October 18, 2017 – The City of Chamblee is proud to announce their new GIS portal available to all citizens. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are becoming increasingly popular and important for cities and counties of all shapes and sizes. From informing citizens of the best places to eat, play, and relax to assisting emergency response teams in times of crises, GIS is a critical function of local governments.  Residents, developers, landowners, and more can now access this information in 5 easy-to-use, interactive maps: The Open Data Portal, the City Map, the Zoning District Map, the Election District Map, and the Road Projects Map.

The Open Data Portal provides users with the same information used by city departments and officials for the planning and development of the city. It also allows them to search across the City’s entire GIS database.

The City Map displays the city boundaries and infrastructure. Users can also look here for in-depth information about the city’s many wonderful parks.

The Zoning District Map informs users about how land is zoned and allocated in accordance with the city’s Unified Development Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan.

The Election District Map is a powerful tool that enables residents to find information about their representatives by either clicking on the map or by searching. They can even register to vote from within the portal.

The Road Projects Map displays any current and approved road projects within the Public Works department.

Chamblee City Manager John Walker was excited about bringing this important information to Chamblee residents: “GIS technology now plays an essential role in many of our City’s operations and critical infrastructure decisions. From planning and zoning to stormwater management, these tools allow our residents access to some of the same information that our city staff and elected officials are using. We want the community to have access to them at their fingertips.”

This GIS portal was made possible in part by the talented GIS team at InterDev. They are proud to be a part of the City of Chamblee. Click here to explore all the GIS portal has to offer.